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Prevue Abilities Assessment

Prevue Abilities Assessment


A general mental ability test to ascertain job competence

SKU: Ccpd-003


The Prevue Abilities Assessment is a cognitive test to measure an individual’s ability to learn in different channels. The ability assessment is a general mental ability test to ascertain job competence, capacity to adapt and adjust to given work environments and situations.

The assessment will test and individuals numerical, language and spatial skills. How they apply themselves to learning, reasoning when working with numbers, language and surroundings.

How effectively can an individual learn and apply new knowledge and skills to their work-role. Are they able to solve more effectively, when working with words and data? Do they manage and meet the scales that are desirable for an organisation? How comfortable they are working with object in multi-dimensional environment.

A résumé will not provide the in-depth insight to an individuals capacity to apply and improve. The abilities assessment will verify any claims made to justify taking on a candidate for employment. A clearer understanding of how an individual manages in given work related environment, is an advantage to any organisation that wants to hire the right candidate for the right job.

An amazing element of the assessment is to find an individual’s hidden abilities. Abilities that they were not aware they had. Hidden skills that can be the decider, to employ or not.

For individuals who want to know how capable they are, the abilities assessment will add value to their résumé.

For organisations to know if the candidate is right for the job and want to verify by further investigation, the Prevue Ability Assessment will ensure they are comparing the candidate’s abilities to set standards. Indicating the cognitive reasoning that a candidate possesses will be an advantage to both individuals and organisations. Allowing sustainable job/person fit, a win-win situation.

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