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International Recruitment

What We Do

Sourcing the right people in a timely fashion, with the required skillset, on sustainable terms is essential to business growth. That is what Calibre delivers, the right people, at the right time, with the right skills on terms favourable to all parties.

Our streamlined process gets the job done efficiently. Our proactive recruitment techniques identify assess and deliver the requirements of employers.

Be it skilled, semi-skilled or professional, we create the pathway to effectively securing the right candidate for the right job.

International Recruitment Pakistan

Where We Source Talent

Our network spread all over South Asia, sourcing talent from different backgrounds and experiences.

Calibre’s on-ground representatives speak the local dialect, enabling us to train and develop potential talent more effectively.

We design and facilitate training programmes for clients to train and develop employees before they reach their employers. When they arrive they are ready. Employees fit for purpose.

International Recruitment Pakistan

Why Choose Us

We work with our clients to develop a trust based long-term understanding that is transparent and sustainable. Our goal is to satisfy their needs and the needs of their potential employees.

We are more effective in supplying quality workforce to our clients, as our expertise includes human resource development.

We clearly understand that a productive working environment requires employees to be engaged in their work role.
We provide the assessment and evaluation of potential employees before we present them to our clients, ensuring alignment between organisational needs and employee’s work roles.

Our continuous improvement philosophy enables us to bring new and meaningful applications to the process. Providing better services to employers and employees.

International Recruitment Pakistan
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