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Steering Organisational Success

We listen to what you say
To what matters most when developing people at work
We assess, analyse and improve
Develop solutions to get people the right capabilities and competencies

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Cost of our services against the
Cost of hiring the wrong people
Cost of disengaged employees
Cost of under performing employees

Assessment Packages for Organisations

We understand that different organisations have diverse needs to increase organisational performance. Whether it is assessing and evaluating their recruitment drive, employee engagement or job/person fit. Calibre offers tailor made packages that will suit your requirements.

Packages can also include a recruitment software licence designed to accommodate other services such as assessments, benchmarks and consultancy to provide a comprehensive solution to all your recruitment processes.

Please contact us, so that we can, at your convenience, discuss various option available to assess, benchmark, consultant and define perimeters to get the job done. We offer discount on packages on a continuing basis.

Calibre: nurturing professionals to maximise their potential

Calibre is a professional development firm that offers it services in the strategic management and advancement of people.

We are committed towards designing future expectations at work through exceptional people development practices.

Our focus is on improving and nurturing professionals to maximise their potential by contributing definitively towards meeting organisational objectives.

We specialise in aligning organisational performance, human resources development with Business Strategy.

We develop frameworks to align learning with business strategy leading to sustainable business advantage.

We assist organisations to change from AOP (actual organisational performance) to EOP (expected organisational performance).

Assessments for Organisations

Know the Whole Candidate
The Prevue Assessments measure 20 different scales of an individual covering the areas of General Abilities, Interests/Motivation and Personality.

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Benchmark Activation for Organisations

Ensure Consistency with Benchmarks. Prevue Benchmarks enable you to set a standard for each position that you screen for. Developing a benchmark is simple and easy; key staff members take a quick survey, online.

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